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What is real time Continuous Glucose Monitoring? 

It is measuring glucose levels in real time, day and night by using a medical device: it basically consists of a subcutaneous glucose sensor, a transmitter and a receiver. Using a continuous glucose monitoring system helps living healthier with diabetes. 

The glucose sensor has the size of a filament, it contains an enzyme - the glucose oxidase - that reacts with the presence of glucose inside the interstitial fluid, then an electric signal is liberated as much as there is glucose in the subcutaneous tissue.

The Transmitter receives the electrical signal from the sensor and sends it to the receiver.


The receiver can be either a dedicated receiver or a compatible smartphone : the role of the receiver is to display the glucose data every 5 minutes, the trend arrow indicating the direction and rate of change of glucose and the latest data in graphical format. 

Mobile devices allow glucose data to be forwarded and to be shared by people in the family environment or with other caregivers.

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