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Uses and Advantages of CGM

Due to the fact that the information provided by the continuous glucose measurement systems is uninterrupted and the technology of these systems is increasingly more robust, the use of these devices extends to various clinical situations and others related to the lifestyle of people with diabetes.

Depending on the features offered by the device, the advantages of use can be:

  • Avoiding hypoglycemia, especially at night or due to physical activity, with the programming of alarms associated with low glucose levels and/or rapid fall trends.
  • Improving the control of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), a therapeutic objective associated with the prevention of complications in patients with diabetes.
  • Remotely following a patient’s glucose level, especially useful for parents of children with diabetes, by getting their glucose data real time, alerts and alarm as well.
  • Identifying and studying patterns for professional clinical decision making and inquiring about their possible causes, in collaboration with the healthcare professionals in charge of the patient living with diabetes. This will lead to a better diabetes management, be it for basal insulin dose adjustments, treatment schemes or management of more complex clinical situations.