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Our Products and Services

Care service provided by a multidisciplinary team from VitalAire Arabia:

  • Provide education sessions to patients, families and health care professionals.
  • Follow-up through personalized care plans agreed with the doctors in order to ensure better adherence to treatment.
  • Send reports to HCPs with actionable insights for better health outcomes.

Contact Us, Our Team will be happy to provide you with the support you may need.

All VitalAire  Arabia's training materials are designed by experts and the training sessions are given by a team of doctors, pharmacists and health educators. 

Empowering the healthcare professionals and patients by:

  • Providing best in class devices, easy to learn , easy to teach and real world data

  • Optimizing data management with one report for all devices  

  • Improving the quality of life and wellbeing of patients and their careers

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