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Doctors Home Visit

Under the auspices of a group of distinguished physicians in various medical specialties, Vitalaire Arabia organizes home visits aimed at taking care of your health and your family health with the best practices and according to the highest international quality standards.

Adult's  home healthcare 

We are pleased to present:

Primary health care services at home, including diagnosis, treatment and follow up of various medical conditions and chronic diseases, such as:

. Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, diabetes and bronchial asthma.

. Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases.

. Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.

. Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases.

. Carrying out the necessary checks and investigations for cases with fever & fever of unknown origin .

More Adult's Services : 

. Follow-up and treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

. Follow-up cases of vitamin deficiencies

. Diagnosis and follow-up of bone and joint pain.

. Conducting the necessary tests to find out the causes of lethargy, fatigue and headaches.

. Diagnosis and treatment of gastroenteritis.

. Diagnosis and treatment of stomach ulcers.

. Diagnosis of cases of cystitis , urinary tract infection and involuntary urination in children.

Children home healthcare 

Comprehensive examination of children's cases and efficient follow-up of the child's growth and nutritional status, as well as follow-up of his physical condition and the implementation of appropriate nutritional programs to strengthen his physical structure.

Geriatric Home healthcare 

Follow-up of the elderly, especially after surgeries, and meet the necessary health care needs for them in all physical, psychological and social aspects, in cooperation with family members and also with the health care provider.

Pregnant women  home healthcare 

Caring for pregnant women in their homes and maintaining their comfort to the maximum degree..

Our pregnancy care services aim to provide pregnant women with medical support during pregnancy and to provide;

  • Comprehensive laboratory investigations during pregnancy.
  • Medicines and vitamins during pregnancy.
  • Nutrition services with the design of a nutritional program.

The necessary care to treat various health problems during pregnancy, such as:

.  Gastroenteritis, colds and bronchial astma.

.  GERD, vomiting and gastritis.

.  Sinusitis and urinary tract infection.

.  Acute and chronic anemia.



As the visual and audio electronic communication between the doctor and the patient helps in enhancing health care, so that members of the medical staff can provide medical consultations and some therapeutic solutions to follow up patients in their homes and provide care according to health developments and supervise various cases to provide a helping hand as soon as possible when access is not possible


VitalAire Arabia takes care of you with love.